Episode 1 – Jazz Forward members discussing how they got into jazz

Episode 2 – Jazz Forward members discuss why they started Jazz Forward

Episode 3 – What influences the creative work of the Jazz Forward members

Episode 4 – Jazz Forward members discuss their creative processes and positivity

Episode 5 – Jazz Forward members talk about the creative projects they are currently working on

Episode 6 – Chats about some of the Jazz Forward members career highlights

Episode 7 – Jazz Forward members discuss how they develop their improvisation, songwriting and writing

Episode 8 – What other interests do the Jazz Forward members have aside from jazz

These podcast episodes feature excerpts from:

Blue Room written by Sophie Bancroft, performed by Bancroft & Lyne

Red Box written by Malcolm MacFarlane, performed by Malcolm MacFarlane and Ross Milligan

A Brighter Day written and performed by Marianne McGregor

Intro and outro music composed and performed by Malcolm MacFarlane